Green Mountain Energy

We Like Your Energy

Green Mountain Energy wanted to celebrate ’round the calendar energy savings with this series of spots for their Texas market (hence no snowflakes in the Winter spot!). The illustrious Peter Tarka lead the way with design to set the tone for this campaign using his signature pastel 3D style.

With the help of the team at 160over90, I led animation and compositing for these four spots. Big shout out to Taylor for her super project management skills and super-sized patience!

Client Green Mountain Energy
Directed by 160over90
Creative Direction Alex Ho
Art Direction Natalie Fiacco
Copywriting Brad Mettey
Production Anderson Bradshaw, Taylor Price, Andrew Nigrelli, Jackie Nelms, My Linh Truong
Peter Tarka, Laundry, RunKickShout
Character Rigging Sooa Chung
Animation Joe Dunlap